Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things Have Been Crazy

I have the minutes from last Saturday's meeting.  Which are VERY important for everyone to read. I'll get them posted hopefully by tomorrow night.  The post will cover things like:

  • Basics of the race
  • What to bring
  • Start Times
  • Food Assignments
  • Misc Assignments
  • Clothing suggestions
  • Gas Money distribution
  • Medical Information Needed.

Life here has been insane this week so I apologize for delaying the post.  If you have specific questions you want answered and weren't at the meeting please leave them in the comment section. I will address them in that post.

One important piece of business.  We really really REALLY need to know if any of you are dropping out.  There are some of you that we haven't heard anything from since you paid your registration fee.  The same 4-6 of us have been at each meeting/run since January.  This is a team relay and if we don't have all 12 runners we can't compete.  I need to hear from everyone, yes everyone, with a definite confirmation.  If not we need to get sub runners in place. This is a time intensive race and not something that we could find a replacement for the night before. Please leave a comment if you're planning on running.  If you don't know how to leave a comment email me or someone on the team and have them leave a comment. 



  1. I'm for sure in. Just scared to death to do it!!!

  2. You know I'm in. And MaryLou is too. I haven't told her about the blog. Ooops. But I just talked to her about it 15 minutes ago and she's good to go.

  3. I'm still running, sorry about the meetings.