Monday, August 31, 2009

Anyone Refinancing? Buying or Selling?

Hey ladies,
I got this email from Ragnar a few weeks ago, and thought I'd post it to see if this applies to any of us.  Apparently if someone on our team refinances, buys or sells through this agency within the next, well 60 days now, our registration fee would be refunded.  That means it would be free for us to run!  I don't know if this applies to any of us, just thought I'd check and see.  Here is the letter!

The Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back 2009 was an amazing race...maybe the best one yet...even that sprinkling of rain at the finish line didn't put a damper on anyone's spirits and ended up bringing people even closer together.
We can't wait until The Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back 2010 and it looks as though many of you can't wait either as the race is already over half full. If the thought of being left out of the race next year doesn't motivate you enough to sign up check out the great deal we have for even applies to all of you who have signed up already.
As you know, the Ragnar Relay Series has made some great partnerships over the years. Rob Wathen and the Salt Lake City based Red Rock Mortgage is no exception. In addition to helping us make the Wasatch Back a reality, Red Rock Mortgage has also arranged a very unique offering.
Anyone completing a refinance, purchase or selling of a property within the next 90 days with Red Rock will have their team entry fees paid in full for the race of their choosing. Don't worry if you have already registered for an upcoming Ragnar Relay, Red Rock will refund your entry fee.
Several of us here at Ragnar have used Rob, owner of Red Rock refinancing and can personally vouch for him and his agency.
Rob is also a multiple Wasatch Back Relay runner and avid triathlete. Please contact him directly at 801-230-LOAN (5626), email him at or apply directly online at .
The Ragnar Promotions Team

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please Come Run With Us This Year!

We still have room on our team for runners for the 2010 Ragnar.  We want you to run it with us!  We're a super fun group of girls running because we love it.  We just want to finish this race.  We don't care how fast or slow you are.  So if you need any more convincing read my post about this last years race here.  Then email me about how much you want to do it.  You know you wanna!