Thursday, June 11, 2009

General Concerns

Seems like there are some logistical questions... 

On Thursday night we're meeting in Ogden to pack the vans for the race.  It will be determined that night where each set of 6 runners will meet the next day.  Van #1 runners will most likely meet somewhere between Davis County and Ogden and all pile in the Van to go up to Logan together.  I am going to meet you also and trail up to the beginning so I can show them required head lamps, vests, etc.  Also to pick up the swag bags for Van #2.

Van #2 will meet somewhere between Ogden and Liberty about 1-2 hours before Van #1 reaches Ogden Valley.  We'll all pile into the van and wait anxiously to hear from Van #1 how things are going.  

I have found a calculator online that will project our team pace.  Which will be helpful for the big exchanges for us to know roughly plus or minus 45 minutes when the van's will be meeting.  I know I've asked you a million times.  But if you could all leave a comment what your pace is, what you think you'll realistically run next week (7mm, 10mm, 15 mm) then I will input it.  The calculator (I think) takes into account the very hard runs and slows you down for those.  So just give me your regular 10k or 5k pace.  

Okay, looks like everyone just wants to bring their own food.  So look at the list of food, know what you eat and we'll go from there.  Also remember please that there will only be one cooler per van so don't bring an ENORMOUS about of food, but enough that you'll be fueled for 30 hours.  I think that's it.  Any more questions??

Go. Team. 


  1. 10 minute mile for me.

  2. oh and can you tell me what leg you run too? then i know which one to plug it into! thanks!

  3. 11 minute mile. Runner 7- 7, 19, 31.

  4. 9 mm. Runner 11 - 11, 23, 35

  5. I figured out what is wrong with my knee, I have an ITBand injury. I guess it's pretty common, but my running has been a little slower since it started so please put me down for an 11mm I'm runner 8 legs 8,20,32