Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks for a great race ladies!

It was an awesome race. Loved it. Web albums are circulating through emails, so look for them!

Amanda is taking over as team captain for next year, so I'm deleting everyone as an author except her... she's in charge now. :)

Enjoy the rest of your racing season!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Even MORE to read. Yipee.

The Team Captain Minutes.

Read it over and then we'll all be informed. :)

Discuss below if you have concerns or questions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

General Concerns

Seems like there are some logistical questions... 

On Thursday night we're meeting in Ogden to pack the vans for the race.  It will be determined that night where each set of 6 runners will meet the next day.  Van #1 runners will most likely meet somewhere between Davis County and Ogden and all pile in the Van to go up to Logan together.  I am going to meet you also and trail up to the beginning so I can show them required head lamps, vests, etc.  Also to pick up the swag bags for Van #2.

Van #2 will meet somewhere between Ogden and Liberty about 1-2 hours before Van #1 reaches Ogden Valley.  We'll all pile into the van and wait anxiously to hear from Van #1 how things are going.  

I have found a calculator online that will project our team pace.  Which will be helpful for the big exchanges for us to know roughly plus or minus 45 minutes when the van's will be meeting.  I know I've asked you a million times.  But if you could all leave a comment what your pace is, what you think you'll realistically run next week (7mm, 10mm, 15 mm) then I will input it.  The calculator (I think) takes into account the very hard runs and slows you down for those.  So just give me your regular 10k or 5k pace.  

Okay, looks like everyone just wants to bring their own food.  So look at the list of food, know what you eat and we'll go from there.  Also remember please that there will only be one cooler per van so don't bring an ENORMOUS about of food, but enough that you'll be fueled for 30 hours.  I think that's it.  Any more questions??

Go. Team. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Forgot To Mention

You'll want to bring at least two running shirts, one pair of shorts, some running tights or warm up pants, gloves, a hoodie, and a long sleeve running shirt.  You feel much better after a change of clothing in between runs.  We are running in a desert so in the middle of the night it gets really chilly.  Make sure and bring warm clothes to run in and even warmer clothes to stand around and cheer in.  

Also, bring flip flops or sandals or something to wear when you aren't running.  Wearing you running shoes for 30 hours is fun and all.... but.....  

Monday, June 8, 2009

Important Info

Brief update, Jill is no longer going to be able to run the race with us.  I've found another runner, her name is Beth Harrop and she's super fun.  Van #1 you're going to love her.  I'll add her to the blog soon so she can introduce herself.  

If you weren't at the meeting go HERE and print off a Race Day Checklist.  This is where we're getting the majority of the topics from.  

Aside from your personal items these are the assignments we have come up with so far:
  • Two headlamps -Lori & Sharlynn
  • Two reflective Vests - Robyn & Trina
  • Race Bibles (2) - Trina will print them off
  • Cooler - Kristin & Robyn
  • Music - Lori & Amanda
  • First Aid Kits - Amanda
  • Money ($10-$20) - Everyone
  • Medical Information - Everyone needs to email me any special needs. If you are diabetic we need to know, if you're allergic to bees, etc.  a) what the allergy/special need b) what to do or what to tell EMT if anything were to happen. 
  • 2 way radios per van - still need
  • Cameras! - any takers?

Food List Per Van (please add if you think I'm forgetting something)
  • 2 cases of water
  • gatorate/GU
  • cheese
  • bread
  • deli meat
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • granola bars
  • Ice
  • peanut butter
  • jam
  • yogurt
  • munchies
  • baby wipes

Van update
We still need a Van for Van #1.  A mini-van will be okay, just a little smushy.  If anyone knows someone with an expedition, suburban, navigator, etc will you ask them if we can borrow it for two days? :)  

Volunteer Update
Manda will let us know if those are covered or not.

No one has lucked out.  Any updates on that from anyone else? Even if we can get $100 that will help us cover the cost of gas. 

What do I need to be doing NOW?
Make sure you get at least one multiple run day in before the race.  Which means you need to run 2-3 times in a 24 hour period to make sure your body doesn't revolt when the race comes.  Make sure you are getting very hydrated.  The day before the race you're going to want to drink at least 2 liters of water.  Trust me.  

Also, you need to go to THIS LIST and make sure you have everything for the race.  If you have ANY questions please leave them in the comments.  We chatted a lot about race logisitics and other issues.  What questions do those who weren't at the meeting have.  Any concerns?  Next week I'll be getting the team captain minutes.  I'll post them here.  They will go through the race in excrutiating detail and help you understand the race even more.  Okay... I'm getting excited... go team!  1...2...3.. Break!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things Have Been Crazy

I have the minutes from last Saturday's meeting.  Which are VERY important for everyone to read. I'll get them posted hopefully by tomorrow night.  The post will cover things like:

  • Basics of the race
  • What to bring
  • Start Times
  • Food Assignments
  • Misc Assignments
  • Clothing suggestions
  • Gas Money distribution
  • Medical Information Needed.

Life here has been insane this week so I apologize for delaying the post.  If you have specific questions you want answered and weren't at the meeting please leave them in the comment section. I will address them in that post.

One important piece of business.  We really really REALLY need to know if any of you are dropping out.  There are some of you that we haven't heard anything from since you paid your registration fee.  The same 4-6 of us have been at each meeting/run since January.  This is a team relay and if we don't have all 12 runners we can't compete.  I need to hear from everyone, yes everyone, with a definite confirmation.  If not we need to get sub runners in place. This is a time intensive race and not something that we could find a replacement for the night before. Please leave a comment if you're planning on running.  If you don't know how to leave a comment email me or someone on the team and have them leave a comment. 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knee Trouble.

Hey Everyone,
I need some advise. I am so worried. I did a six miler this morning and my knees are killing me this afternoon. I can barely walk down the stairs. I have had problems with my Meniscus before but this is weird. It feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat on the outside of my both of my knees. I'm not sure what it is, but it hurts. I'm so worried about our race. So any ideas on what it might be and how I can prevent it? I already try to only run on grass and blacktop, I ice after every run, and I take an anti-inflamatory. Please let me know if you have any other ideas for me.
Diana C