Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Forgot To Mention

You'll want to bring at least two running shirts, one pair of shorts, some running tights or warm up pants, gloves, a hoodie, and a long sleeve running shirt.  You feel much better after a change of clothing in between runs.  We are running in a desert so in the middle of the night it gets really chilly.  Make sure and bring warm clothes to run in and even warmer clothes to stand around and cheer in.  

Also, bring flip flops or sandals or something to wear when you aren't running.  Wearing you running shoes for 30 hours is fun and all.... but.....  


  1. My mom has an explore we can use. It's a 2000 something with a third seat if that works. Not as roomy as a van but... Also I'll check and see if my dad has any two-ways we can borrow for one of the vans, I'm pretty sure he does, but I'll check. As for what to bring, I'll do it either way, just give me my assignment and I'll be good. Oh and is van #1 meeting anywhere to carpool up? I'd rather not drive up alone.

  2. yeah, I'll make plan for van 1 carpool as soon as I find out what vehicle we're using. I have 4 two-way radios that I can bring, so don't worry about borrowing.