Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've Always Wanted To Be A Rockstar

Yessss....finally a dream come true. Well this may be the closest I ever come to really being a rockstar. So get excited for me to sing us through 24 hours of running. Tee hee. All YOUR dreams come true.
I'm Amanda, Lori's running buddy. I started running about 4 years ago, just to run a 5 mile leg of the Ogden marathon. Since then, I've run 2 marathons, a number or half marathons, and whatever other races had cool t-shirts. Although I dislike mornings, I have gained a deep love for running. There is something about it that has gotten into my blood. The Wasatch Back for me started much like most races longer than 6 miles did for me. Lori suggested that we run it, I told her she was insane, we talked about it more, and then I decided that she shouldn't run it without her trusty running partner. Well, that was the plan last year originally. That was until my husband I found out that we were going to be placed with a baby a week or two before the race. After 5 years of waiting for a little one to join our family, I wasn't about to abandon my mothering opportunity for 24 hours only 2 weeks in. So Lori ran it on her own and sent me blackberry play by plays. It sounded just as insane as I thought, but more fun than I anticipated. But what really sold me on the race was Lori's rockin' Ragnar hoodie. Tee hee. So this year I'm in for sure. Other than running, my hobbies include Jared (my hubby of 6+ years), my adorable little boy Max who is 6 months old, working as a nurse at the health department, playing soccer, photography, and starting numerous projects I rarely finish. I am very excited to be running this race this year. It seems like just the perfect crazy thing to do before my running pal leaves me for PA school. Get excited. It's going to be epic.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I live kinda far for a meeting Lori!

Hello Everyone. My name is Diana Caffee and I too am very excited to run the Wasatch Back. Rumor has it that it runs through my home town and right past my parents house. I grew up in Morgan, Utah and now live with my husband Ben and two little girls Bella and Lucy, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I love Maryland... now, but it took me a while. I miss "my mountains" and I miss the snow. Maryland is really just cold and icy and never filled with powdery white Christmas's. Still I do love many things about the East Coast. The elevation for one thing! I'm actually really nervous to run a long race in Utah mainly for fear that I won't be able to breathe. Maryland also has a much prettier fall season than Utah... so there! As far as my running skills go... running and I have a love/hate relationship. I am not fast, but I am consistent. I usually stick to 5k's, but I'm looking forward to an upcoming year of strength, and endurance. An interesting thing about my running, In high school I ran cross country and before, during, and at the end of every race I would constantly psych myself out. I allowed my mind to say over and over again, "you'll never win this race, you might not even finish, just walk, everyone has passed you anyway." I have since grown from those experiences, and now all my mind is allowed to say is "don't stop running!" See you in June!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey everyone. I'm "the Lori" you're all getting emails from. I did this race last year, it was the gnarliest one I've ever done. I wrote about it here if you aren't familiar with what the race entails. I could go on and on.. but... let me introduce myself, since that is the reason for the post.

This is me and my cute family. I like them alot. I'm a Mom. I get to play with my kids all day (except when my oldest is at Kindergarten) and although I have my days where I think a 40 hour job where people give me actual praise (and money!) would be nice, I'm grateful I have the opportunity to be home with the kiddos. I graduated with a degree in History and English so I'm a self-proclaimed geek. My husband, Van, rocks. He's pretty much my favorite person ever. We're enjoying the next 6 months of no school and then he goes back to get his Masters at Physicians Assistant school. We like to watch movies, play Guitar Hero, tickle our kids, and pretty much do anything that gives us an excuse to hang out.

I am completely addicted to running, working out, and eating healthy. My life outside of my family pretty much revolves around that. I don't have a thyroid so I have a really hard time losing weight, so it doesn't appear like I am obsessed with that stuff. It's really bugged me in the past, but I'm getting to a point that I'm just grateful my body, lungs, and heart are healthy and am learning to love my curves. :) I've run 3 marathons and a lot of half marathons. I'm not very fast but I love this sport. Love love love it. I love writing up training plans, so if any of you need them... let me know I'd LOVE to write one up for you. Yup, that's me in a nutshell. I'm REALLY excited to have a new team, to start meeting all of you and have such a fabulous time! Yipee!!!


I was so excited to run this race, I thought it would be a fun challenge that I could conquer. But the closer it gets the more nervous I get. I used to run five miles a day, but I haven't done that for years...so my running is rusty. And the more I think about that first month of hard serious running I wonder what I got into. For me that month is pure Hell. Running isn't fun, your body hurts, and it even hurts to breath. But then one day you go out and it's fantastic. You can run all day it feels like. However getting there...

About me, my name is Diana I married Keith in April of this year. We live in Layton and go to WSU. I double majored in Accounting and Psychology with a Zoology minor. No I am not an over achiever, just indecisive - I'm 25 and still not done. We have a dog named Dallas and like to fly fish together. We teach primary (seven 10 yr. old boys next year, yikes!). I don't like ironing. I work for a Financial Planner, so if you need advice... In all truthfulness I'm really boring and not that exciting at all ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hi Ladies

Soon I'll have this blog up and running with links to all the information about the race, training plans, etc. For the time being once you're added as an author write us a little "intro" about who you are, where you live, if you're a beginner, total running pro, or wanting to walk the entire distance. ;) Most of us know at least one person on the team, but I doubt any of us know everyone (including me!) So, post pictures, let us get to know you!!!

YAY for the Rockstars.