Monday, June 8, 2009

Important Info

Brief update, Jill is no longer going to be able to run the race with us.  I've found another runner, her name is Beth Harrop and she's super fun.  Van #1 you're going to love her.  I'll add her to the blog soon so she can introduce herself.  

If you weren't at the meeting go HERE and print off a Race Day Checklist.  This is where we're getting the majority of the topics from.  

Aside from your personal items these are the assignments we have come up with so far:
  • Two headlamps -Lori & Sharlynn
  • Two reflective Vests - Robyn & Trina
  • Race Bibles (2) - Trina will print them off
  • Cooler - Kristin & Robyn
  • Music - Lori & Amanda
  • First Aid Kits - Amanda
  • Money ($10-$20) - Everyone
  • Medical Information - Everyone needs to email me any special needs. If you are diabetic we need to know, if you're allergic to bees, etc.  a) what the allergy/special need b) what to do or what to tell EMT if anything were to happen. 
  • 2 way radios per van - still need
  • Cameras! - any takers?

Food List Per Van (please add if you think I'm forgetting something)
  • 2 cases of water
  • gatorate/GU
  • cheese
  • bread
  • deli meat
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • granola bars
  • Ice
  • peanut butter
  • jam
  • yogurt
  • munchies
  • baby wipes

Van update
We still need a Van for Van #1.  A mini-van will be okay, just a little smushy.  If anyone knows someone with an expedition, suburban, navigator, etc will you ask them if we can borrow it for two days? :)  

Volunteer Update
Manda will let us know if those are covered or not.

No one has lucked out.  Any updates on that from anyone else? Even if we can get $100 that will help us cover the cost of gas. 

What do I need to be doing NOW?
Make sure you get at least one multiple run day in before the race.  Which means you need to run 2-3 times in a 24 hour period to make sure your body doesn't revolt when the race comes.  Make sure you are getting very hydrated.  The day before the race you're going to want to drink at least 2 liters of water.  Trust me.  

Also, you need to go to THIS LIST and make sure you have everything for the race.  If you have ANY questions please leave them in the comments.  We chatted a lot about race logisitics and other issues.  What questions do those who weren't at the meeting have.  Any concerns?  Next week I'll be getting the team captain minutes.  I'll post them here.  They will go through the race in excrutiating detail and help you understand the race even more.  Okay... I'm getting excited... go team!  1...2...3.. Break!


  1. I can bring the 2-way radios. And I always have my camera, but van 2 may want someone to have one with them. I clicked the link for a list of needed race day items, but it didn't work.

  2. oh- tried the link further down on the post, and it worked. Who is in charge of bringing the food? Lori, I'm allergic to penicillin and rap music...and have a long-fingernail intolerance.

  3. what's the per-person post limit? (sorry) Please tell me we can run wearing Mp3 players! Also, I have a few cowbells I can bring. Anyone interested in me bringing "Lembus" (home made power bars)?

  4. rap music, eh? i've heard long exposure to your allergy fixes that... we'll keep that in mind while making the car CD mixes. ;) and yes, you can run with MP3's/ipods, etc.

    the food. how about i just assign it out. would that work better for everyone?

  5. I am happy to provide a camera for van 2. Also just assign whatever food you want me to bring. I am flying in on the 16th and will be to the meeting on the 18th. I might need a ride to Logan if that's okay. Are we all driving up there together? I am allergic to penicillin and bee stings. But I just swell up, I don't think I would die from one. Do we need to bring our own food on top of the van food?

  6. Ladies, I have sad news, and I know this really puts us,(and I mean us), in a crunch, but I am sick with little of hope of recovery before race day. I have a runner who is willing to run any leg but mine. Will anyone in van 1 switch? Or if anyone knows anyone else who is itching to run, let me know. I feel terrible doing this, but watching me crawl the 17.8 miles would not be pretty.

  7. Robyn, oh no!!!! We will miss you terribly! Darnit. I'll email Sharlynn and hopefully she can get ahold of the members of Van 1, since most of them apparently don't read this blog. :)

    Di, actually van 2 is meeting in Liberty on Friday afternoon. I can come pick you up in Morgan if you want just let me know!

  8. Hey Lori and everyone,
    I am just wondering about food. What if we just bring our own stuff--so I would bring enough for me, Trina would bring enough for her, and so on. That way everyone will have what they like, etc. Maybe we can assign the water out and everyone can bring munchies to share, but as far as the meat, cheese and yogurt, could we just bring our own stuff?

  9. i'm up for anything. should we put it to a vote? why yes yes we should... hold on i'll get the poll up right now.

  10. I have 2 way radios we can use for van 2. And I was planning on bringing my little camera, but not my big one. Do you want me to change that?
    I am allergic to penicillin, sulfas, and phenergan.
    And Sharlynn, are you allergic to R&B as well? Or just rap? And is lembus good? I'm interested, but I think most power bars taste nasty, and only ever make it a few bites in...

  11. LOL a little R&B won't break out the hives TOO badly. Heck yeah Lembus is good... (my family named it after the Elvin bread from Lord of the Rings). I think we should just bring our own food too (I am a picky, picky freak when it comes to food) but I'll bring Lembus to our Thu evening thing, and people can pack some with their stuff if they want.