Friday, March 27, 2009

Parking request for tomorrow

Hey everyone! We have a TON of stuff ready to go to our ward's DI drive tomorrow morning and it is all in our garage. So, I am wondering if you would mind parking on Mt. Ogden Dr. and just walking up the driveway to my house. That way the Elders can get into our driveway and take the stuff out of our garage.
Thanks! See you in the morning!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have Issues

My running is sucking, royally. When I do run I give-in to the treadmill. At times the thought of getting pregnant to have a real excuse when I suck during the race (other than I just plain suck) has crossed my mind. I need help. I really want to do this, I won't back out. I'd rather walk the whole thing than quit. Any suggestions?


The weakling

P.S. I'm really not going to have a baby just for an excuse. It was a desperate thought. And I know pregnancy and babies are serious things, not to be joked with. Please don't be offended.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Route for March 28th

Hey everyone,
Since Trina has a form of acute tendinitis (the tendon running along the outside of her foot is fraying), the doctor told her she cannot run on trails. So . . . here is another route suggestion for our 6 mile get to know you run on March 28th. It basically goes from my house to 20th street, running along Polk and Fillmore. It is a pretty good mix of hills and flat. It ends on a lovely hill called Baker Dr. :-) We love that whenever we run north from my house we get to end on that particular hill. Here is a link to a USATF map of the route. (I hope it works; I have never actually saved routes on USATF.)
6 Mile Get to Know You Run
Does this sound OK to everyone?
Thanks! It will be a fun time for everyone

Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Jill Shepherd!

I am excited to announce one of our new members! Some of you may know Jill (previously Stevens), or at least her face. She was Miss Utah 2007, and now she's that gorgeous face on the Ivory Homes ads. If some of you are thinking "eww wimpy pageant girl?" ....just wait til you see how she kicks all of our butts :) I know her from when I started teaching SPIN 10 years ago. She was the only teenager I knew that would wake up at 5:00 a.m. to come to my classes before school! She'll be a FUN addition to the team! I've only gotten verbal commitments from both Jill AND Liz, but they're not the type to back out. So I'll nag them about getting official, by paying registration and posting a picture on this blog. :)