Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Meeting

Thanks to everyone that has posted their introduction.   We'd love to hear from the rest of you eventually.  If you haven't received an invitation to contribute let me know and I'll email you the invite.  

Alright.  So far it looks like weeknights after 8pm works best for everyone.  If you all are okay with holding the meeting at my house that would work for me at night.  Van works evenings so I could put my kids down and then we could meet.  Would that work?  Here are some possible dates for January/February.  I put a poll up on the side where you can let me know what dates work or you can comment. 

Things I need you to think about before we meet in January: (Diana C. and Anne just email me this info)

The leg you're willing to run
  •  make a list of your top 3 legs.   Click on the race bible (on the sidebar) and it details the legs in serious detail.  There are a few of us that are willing to run the major stuff in Van 2 (Ragnar hills) so don't worry about those unless you really want to do it. 
Possible businesses or people you can talk to about sponsorship
  • the more money we get donated to us the more our registration costs go down, gives us extra money for gas/food/etc.  
Names for the few slots left. 
  • We still have 4 slots left.  Possibly only 3.  
How much fun we're going to have. 
  • Yes, it's going to be THAT fun. 

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