Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okay. Only 4 voted, but the majority rules.

First Meeting:

Tuesday January 27th, 8pm

Get excited.  :) 

Diana's comment made me wonder if any of the rest of you have any other questions, even regular running questions.  I know some of you are newer to running... so I'm opening it up, just leave a comment with whatever question you have.  There are enough seasoned runners on our team that I bet we'll come up with an answer to almost anything. 

D, were you meaning your lungs are killing because of the cold air?


  1. okay. one of the best things we've found is using a face mask or taking ear warmers and wearing them around your neck, pulling it up around your mouth for awhile. this provides you with some warm air and lets your throat/lungs get a break from cold air.

    also, breathing a lot through your nose will help too. otherwise... you do just have to build up an endurance to cold air, unfortunately. when it gets TOO cold, (like single digits) and it literally burns to be outside, it's best to run on a treadmill or layer up with a face mask AND a earwarmer for the mouth. anyone else know of other tricks?