Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharlynn Jones

Hi I'm Sharlynn. I'm a cyclist, not a runner. Well, I used to be a runner until 8 years ago, when I discovered how much FASTER you can go with wheels! So now I only run for cross-training or to train for my recent interest in triathlons. I AM excited for this race, though. I've taught and trained at Gold's Gym for over 10 years, so I know a lot of athletes, and have heard much talk about the Great Wasatch Back Relay. (I have one friend who did the entire thing by himself!!) So for me, it was like the ONE marathon I ran: just wanted to put it on on my "did it" list, so I could relate with my clientele. Now I'll be able to do that with Ragnar and make some friends in the process. Cool.
I'm a stay-home mom for my 2 little girls (4 and 2 yrs). When I'm confined to the house, I like to cook, do gardening, photography and scrapbooking. I love all "extreme sports" (climb, bike, swim, hike, ski, paddle.......) just don't hand me a ball!
I have a proposal for the team: I'm also a nutritionist, and write personalized plans (normally $40). If at least 8 of you on the team wanted to get a plan, and could all meet at the same time, I'd do it for $10 each. (And yes, Kristin, I'd let you set some calories aside for candy) No offense at all if you guys don't want to do it-- just a thought.
How do I add a picture to this thing?!..........


  1. I would totally want to meet and get a personalized plan! Count me in.

  2. i'm so glad you decided to do this with us! i'm bummed we're not in the same van but still very glad you're on our team! sure, why not, count me in for the plan too. $10 is a freggin' steal!

  3. I am not super savvy on most things, so I am just not exactly sure what it means to have a nutritional plan. Does that mean a plan of how many calories to eat in order to loose weight, or a plan of what is healthy or a plan of what to eat, etc.? And, of course, I always appreciate candy allowances in every circumstance. :-)

  4. If Kristin gets do I!!! :) By the way, super cute family pic! I really like it!

  5. The "Nutrition Plan" is: I calculate how many calories your body needs, then decide what percentage of those should come from carbs, protein and fat (a little different for everyone, depending on goals and training). But then I separate it into "servings" (actually "U.S. dietary exchanges", but like servings) of milk, fruit, veggies, grains, etc... The purpose of THAT is you only have to make sure you're eating the right amount of "servings" in each category, and then your carb/protein/fat percentage will all fall into place (and, of course, calories too). We can take calorie amount down a little for anyone wanting to drop some weight. Heidi, I can figure things out for nursing mommys too.
    Our bodies all "RUN" so much better when they have the right amount and right kind of fuel.