Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've Always Wanted To Be A Rockstar

Yessss....finally a dream come true. Well this may be the closest I ever come to really being a rockstar. So get excited for me to sing us through 24 hours of running. Tee hee. All YOUR dreams come true.
I'm Amanda, Lori's running buddy. I started running about 4 years ago, just to run a 5 mile leg of the Ogden marathon. Since then, I've run 2 marathons, a number or half marathons, and whatever other races had cool t-shirts. Although I dislike mornings, I have gained a deep love for running. There is something about it that has gotten into my blood. The Wasatch Back for me started much like most races longer than 6 miles did for me. Lori suggested that we run it, I told her she was insane, we talked about it more, and then I decided that she shouldn't run it without her trusty running partner. Well, that was the plan last year originally. That was until my husband I found out that we were going to be placed with a baby a week or two before the race. After 5 years of waiting for a little one to join our family, I wasn't about to abandon my mothering opportunity for 24 hours only 2 weeks in. So Lori ran it on her own and sent me blackberry play by plays. It sounded just as insane as I thought, but more fun than I anticipated. But what really sold me on the race was Lori's rockin' Ragnar hoodie. Tee hee. So this year I'm in for sure. Other than running, my hobbies include Jared (my hubby of 6+ years), my adorable little boy Max who is 6 months old, working as a nurse at the health department, playing soccer, photography, and starting numerous projects I rarely finish. I am very excited to be running this race this year. It seems like just the perfect crazy thing to do before my running pal leaves me for PA school. Get excited. It's going to be epic.

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