Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meeting Update.

Okay. I've narrowed it down to two choices.  Tuesday January 27th at 8pm  or Tuesday February 3rd at 8pm.  Let me know by the end of the week what works best for you (poll on the side).

Look through the Race bible.  Check out the race legs.  We're going to try and keep the people that know each other in the same van's.  Unfortunately we can't all be in the same van and most likely you'll be in a van with some people you don't know.  I know people like Trina and Kristin will for sure be in the same van as well as Diana and Ann.  Last year I knew ONE person in my van (from random association..) and I still had a good time.  It's what you make it so don't get too worried about it!!

Okay, vote on the meeting time and once it's decided I'll email everyone the directions to my place!  Oh, and Amanda had a great idea.  Would you guys be interested in running the WRC 10k?  Then we'll be able to know our projected 10k pace AND get to know each other better.  Thoughts?

Last thing, if you haven't paid me please pay me soon.   Thanks!

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  1. My birthday is the third so that day is a no go for me. When, where, etc. is the WRC? Oh and how do I get the air to not burn whilest I run?