Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Meeting Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone that came last night.  It was good for most everyone to meet.  Diana, we missed you!  Hope everything is okay!  

We chatted about the following things:

Race Basics - I went over the general idea of how the relay works.  Diana, Di, et al, if you have questions just post them in the comment section and I'll address them. 

Volunteers - our team is required to provide 3 volunteers or pay $120.  Amanda and Lori are working on securing volunteers.  They'll let everyone know if they aren't able to find them. The volunteers need to be 16 and older. 

Vans/Suburbans - Trina is going to talk to her family member that has hook-ups with a car dealership to see if we can borrow two suburbans for the race.  She'll let us know. 

Headlamps - Amanda and Sharlynn are providing headlamps.

Reflective Vests - does anyone have a reflective vest?  We need two.

Sponsorship - If we each bring $50-$100 sponsorship to the table we will have our registration fee covered (registration total was $980).  Talk to local businesses, family members, co-workers, whoever might benefit from having advertisement on a Van from Logan to Park City (Diana E, Julia might have some really good hook-ups for sponsorship).  

Payment - If you haven't sent me your $85 yet please do.  Hopefully you'll all get it back, but my credit card would appreciate being paid off.  :) 

Legs - Di I never got an email from you and Diana you weren't here at the meeting so we went ahead and assigned Vans.  Diana C, we figured since I was the only person you knew you'd probably want to be in my van.  We tried to pair people with people they knew and what they felt comfortable with.  Like Heidi's leg needed to be #7 since she'll have just had a baby and it's the most post-baby friendly leg.  Anyway... here are the van's. 

Van 1 
Diana E
Julia B (??)
Katy B (??)
Sharlynn's friend
Sharlynn's friend 
(legs were not assigned because most of you weren't at the meeting... look over the legs and post your top 3 choices from van 1)

Van 2
Heidi - runner 7
Diana Caffee - runner 8
Kristen - runner 9
Lori - runner 10
Trina - runner 11
Amanda - runner 12 

Di, if you don't feel comfortable with legs 8, 20, and 32 let us know and I'm sure one of us would be willing to switch.  The only one for sure that can't is Heidi's as runner 7. 

Okay.  I think that's it.  Tally, ho friends! 


  1. I would like to call dibs on runner 4 or 2. On the reflective vests: Do they have to look like crossing guard vests, or can they just be obnoxiously bright jackets with reflective stripes/letters? (Because I have 4 of those: 1 small, 2 medium, 1 large). Lori, are you coming to my class in the morning? I could bring a check for you then.

  2. Yah, I'm coming to spin in the morning. $85 will be a good motivator. ;) I'm not sure about the vests, let me look at the race bible and see if they have specific criteria. get back to you...

  3. Lori, if it's easiest, you can just refer to me as Di from now on. I am excited to be in your van. I feel like I know Amanda and Heidi because I like to blog stalk them :) I'm also excited to run the legs you assigned me. Sorry I never got back to you about the legs I wanted to run. I looked to see if any of them ran through Morgan, but it doesn't look like it, so Henefer is good for me :) I will check with my brother to see if he wants to have his business be a sponsor. Talk to you soon.