Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Liz!

My new sister-in-law Liz just joined our team. I'll have her post something so we can all get to know her.


  1. hi everyone! i'm liz, sharlynn's new sister-in-law, just wedded last month. very excited to run this relay, the moment sharlynn asked me; i admit i'm a bit of a blogger-illiterate, don't know how to post photos or join a blog, but feel free to find me on facebook if you'd like to see pics, under liz yonashiro jones-

    i now live in clearfield/layton, with my husband, ryan, but still work as designer/cad monkey for an architecture firm in salt lake. i'm also applying to the undergrad program for architecture at the U this spring, about time! i have an associates in interior design, but want to work on the structure of buildings even more. i love art, digital photography, and graphics design. something along those lines in the future, on the side or full time would be sweet too;

    i love running, love the feel while i'm running, just actually beginning is difficult for me. ran a tON in high school, but funny, that's getting further and further away (i'm now 25). did high school xcountry in the tundras of alaska and colorado (love rugged terrain, the more mud, more the fun!).

    running for me now is more of a therapy thing.... the pain from a long run is amazing :) last april i ran the slc marathon (under five hours happily, though no pr). and pretty much haven't ran since! been looking for a motivation to begin again, so thanks sharlynn!! am excited to meet everyone (what legs are left in the relay?)