Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi Everyone

Hey there everyone! I am Kristin.

I am so excited to run this race! I ran the Wasatch Back last year and it was amazing. It was a fantastic experience in SO many ways. I love the physical and mental challenge of this race and I love the great friendships I made while running it.

It sounds like we have an awesome team this year. I know about half of you and I am looking forward to meeting everyone else. I have been running off and on since high school, but I started running more seriously 6 years ago. My best friend, Trina, and I have run lots of 5K races and three half marathons. We ran the Wasatch Back last year after calling/emailing Lori at least a thousand several times to ask if she thought we could really do it. And, after she assured us that we'd be fine, we joined the team. And we are so glad.

I am 35 years old and have a great husband, Jeff, four happy kids, Sophie (10), Elisabeth (8), Jillian (5) and Reed (2) and one whiny cat, Viola. I taught Jr. High English and History for a few years, but have been a stay-at-mom home since my oldest was born. Recently I went back to school to get a Masters Degree in English. I spend a lot of time studying, and sometimes Trina is lucky enough to get a rundown of Shakespeare or Chaucer while we run. Ha. Ha. Lucky Trina! :) I have a really hard time going to bed before midnight, so my early morning running schedule is sometimes painful. But, on a night that Jeff and I really want to stay up late watching TV, I just consider the next day's run as Ragnar Training. So, since 24 just started and Lost starts in a few days, I'll be getting a lot of Ragnar Training in the coming weeks. Ha Ha!

Can't wait to meet you! Happy running!

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  1. There is nothing more fun than an early morning run, up lots of hills...while listening to the exciting tales of Shakespeare and Chaucer!!! LOVE it!!!