Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi, my name is Carla.

I have been married for 12 1/2 years to Stephen. He is totally wonderful! We have 4 children-2 girls and 2 boys. Girl #1 is 12, girl #2 is 7, boy #1 is 6, and boy #2 is 2 1/2. We have a black lab/weimareiner named Jake. I like to read books and other peoples blogs. I love movies. I like to go hiking and camping, but only because my husband needs to do this. I am a soccer coach to boy #1 and I love having that time with him. We have blog so, if you'd like to learn more about me and my family, click here.
I haven't always been a runner, in fact, I never ran until a year ago. There are several reasons for my running; health, didn't want to embarrass the kids at soccer or school, want them to have the healthy lifestyle that I didn't, many personal issues, and my mom got breast cancer. Due to the last, I have been doing the Susan G. Komen S.L.C. 5K since 2008. I walked (with a little running) it the first year. The next year I ran 2/3 of it with a goal to be running a 5k all the way by Thanksgiving in 35 min. I ran a lot of 5K's last summer, running the whole way, but never under the time limit I set for myself. I completed my goal 2 days after Thanksgiving at the Ogden Santa Run 5K. 34:50.1. My new goal is to run a 5K in 30 min. or less. I am signed up to run the Ogden Marathon Relay because I was so slow to sign up for the 1/2 marathon.
I've been friends with Amanda since they bought the condo next to ours in 2003. I'm really glad to have her as my friend. Last year I knew Amanda was running ragnar and when someone pulled out of the team, I was really, really tempted to sign up and race with some of you. My husband nicked the thought due to obligatory-camping-with-family plans. We were in Morgan and I watched many runners go by and my kids helped me cheer on the runners. I told Stephen I was going to run it next year (I caught the running bug), so he'll have to camp without me. Maybe the kids and he will be cheering on our runner. I think it will be a runner from van #1.
I'm still not a great runner, but I will be. I want to be a healthy (physically and mentally) person and this is the best way for me. I'm totally stoked to run with all of you and to get to know you all better. I'm happy to have friends and a sister who will be running with us also. I love this. I am really and truly excited!

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