Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey everyone. I'm "the Lori" you're all getting emails from. I did this race last year, it was the gnarliest one I've ever done. I wrote about it here if you aren't familiar with what the race entails. I could go on and on.. but... let me introduce myself, since that is the reason for the post.

This is me and my cute family. I like them alot. I'm a Mom. I get to play with my kids all day (except when my oldest is at Kindergarten) and although I have my days where I think a 40 hour job where people give me actual praise (and money!) would be nice, I'm grateful I have the opportunity to be home with the kiddos. I graduated with a degree in History and English so I'm a self-proclaimed geek. My husband, Van, rocks. He's pretty much my favorite person ever. We're enjoying the next 6 months of no school and then he goes back to get his Masters at Physicians Assistant school. We like to watch movies, play Guitar Hero, tickle our kids, and pretty much do anything that gives us an excuse to hang out.

I am completely addicted to running, working out, and eating healthy. My life outside of my family pretty much revolves around that. I don't have a thyroid so I have a really hard time losing weight, so it doesn't appear like I am obsessed with that stuff. It's really bugged me in the past, but I'm getting to a point that I'm just grateful my body, lungs, and heart are healthy and am learning to love my curves. :) I've run 3 marathons and a lot of half marathons. I'm not very fast but I love this sport. Love love love it. I love writing up training plans, so if any of you need them... let me know I'd LOVE to write one up for you. Yup, that's me in a nutshell. I'm REALLY excited to have a new team, to start meeting all of you and have such a fabulous time! Yipee!!!


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  2. I did not know that you have a degree in English and History!! Me too! I am starting back next semester to get a Masters in English. There is a lot of Shakespeare reading in my future. I'm excited to do this race!! I will post something sometime too. . .I promise!!