Monday, December 22, 2008


I was so excited to run this race, I thought it would be a fun challenge that I could conquer. But the closer it gets the more nervous I get. I used to run five miles a day, but I haven't done that for my running is rusty. And the more I think about that first month of hard serious running I wonder what I got into. For me that month is pure Hell. Running isn't fun, your body hurts, and it even hurts to breath. But then one day you go out and it's fantastic. You can run all day it feels like. However getting there...

About me, my name is Diana I married Keith in April of this year. We live in Layton and go to WSU. I double majored in Accounting and Psychology with a Zoology minor. No I am not an over achiever, just indecisive - I'm 25 and still not done. We have a dog named Dallas and like to fly fish together. We teach primary (seven 10 yr. old boys next year, yikes!). I don't like ironing. I work for a Financial Planner, so if you need advice... In all truthfulness I'm really boring and not that exciting at all ;)

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  1. YAY! Hi Di!! I'm glad you'll be doing this with us. It's hard to get back into running, for sure, but it'll be soooo worth it. :) Plus as a fringe benefit you'll get to hang out with me ;)