Sunday, May 17, 2009

Upcoming run/meeting

Hey all, does the 30th work for everyone? We need to get together not only for a fun run but also for a meeting to talk about the following things:

  • sponsorship
  • volunteers (their shift would be Friday June 19th 4-8:30pm in Huntsville, we need two more)
  • transportation (we need two suburbans or expeditions for the race)
  • food assignments
  • clothing (do we want matching shirts or visors? does any one have hookups?)
  • how the race works/logistics
  • leg changes
  • other concerns/questions

How does 7:30am work on the 30th?  We'll go for a nice 6 miler and then have a meeting promptly following at 9am.  For those who can't make the run hopefully can make it to the meeting.  Kristin would it be okay to meet at your house again? Do any of you have questions right now that you'd like to me find answers for? Anything thing you think we need to cover at the meeting that we haven't yet?

Oh, and ps, I'm going on this random internet fast for the next 3 weeks (May 20-June 10).  While I'm offline I'm passing my "captain" torch to Amanda in case anything of importance comes up.  I don't think any major things take place for Ragnar between now and then but if so, don't worry they will be covered.  If you need to get ahold of me please don't email me.  Call me or text me.  If you don't have my phone number leave your email address and I'll email you my number.   Thanks!


  1. Sure, we can meet at my house. There is a post in March with directions, but I can re-post that when it gets closer. We can just hang out in the backyard for the meeting after. Sounds fun!
    So. . .do we get tech shirts from Ragnar for this race? I am always happier when the shirts are nice.

  2. yup, we get technical t-shirts. last year they were really cute and had a cool zipper on the side where you can keep your keys. definitely made it worth the money.

    I think I deleted the directions to your house cause I get freaked out about people knowing too much online, haha. If you want to just "reply all" to one of the emails I've sent to everyone and send the directions that way, it'll be safer. ;)

  3. I didn't even think about the internet safety issue!! Just think of all the crazies who could have shown up at my house. I will email everyone with the directions in the next little while.
    Cool about the shirts!!

  4. Awww man. I'll have to decide what to do. There's a big group mtn bike ride that day that starts at 9 a.m. You guys wouldn't want to do the meeting BEFORE the run so that I could make it, would you? Or move the run up a half hour so I could catch some of it? Also: will minivans work if we can't get Suburbans?

  5. we can do the meeting before, i just figured peeps would be late and those logistics would make sense. hmmm. should i put to a vote? i hate deciding. voting booth going up shortly.