Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finishing up Registration

You should be getting an email soon from Ragnar in which you'll have to accept a waiver.  You HAVE to accept in order to be able to compete in the race.  So please do it.  :) 

Also, I don't have the registration info for the following:

Diana C

If you DID send it to me somehow it got deleted because all of my super magical searching in gmail results nothing.  So sorry if you have to retype it.  I'll need the following information:

Phone Number
10k pace
Shirt size

Also, Heidi Nelson, runner #6 informed me today that she's not going to be able to race.  Amanda is already working on her replacement, we'll let you know who our new team member is.  We're sad to lose Heidi but hope she can join us next year (yah you read that right..,... you'll want to do it again, I promise..)



  1. I got that email and I am pretty sure I did what I was supposed to. If I messed up and did it wrong, they'll let you know, right?? And, by the way, those course changes are crazy!! Lots more hill training in my future. . . .

  2. Just wondering if I can switch to runner 4 instead of 3? I'm really not a runner and am asking to switch to something easier. Any comments? Like back off or suck it up, etc.?!

    Diana E

  3. Diana: I'll check to see if Jill was dying to be runner 4. I had that as one of MY options too, but with all the changes, I've sorta thrown my hands up and stopped caring. So I'll just take whatever position is left after everyone has picked one. I'm sure 4 will be fine.
    Lori: Did you get me email? How do I sign the waiver? The site didn't "allow" me to.