Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Jill Shepherd!

I am excited to announce one of our new members! Some of you may know Jill (previously Stevens), or at least her face. She was Miss Utah 2007, and now she's that gorgeous face on the Ivory Homes ads. If some of you are thinking "eww wimpy pageant girl?" ....just wait til you see how she kicks all of our butts :) I know her from when I started teaching SPIN 10 years ago. She was the only teenager I knew that would wake up at 5:00 a.m. to come to my classes before school! She'll be a FUN addition to the team! I've only gotten verbal commitments from both Jill AND Liz, but they're not the type to back out. So I'll nag them about getting official, by paying registration and posting a picture on this blog. :)


  1. Also, Sue Ann Burton says her foot may be ready to do it with us.....she says she'd love to do it, so keep her on the "maybe" list. Also, a super-athlete named Becky Johnson is at "maybe" status (some of you may know her...I know she knows the Matthewsons & Strongbergs). Katy Bingham and Katy Ball are "probably not".

  2. awesome! sharlynn, if you get a chance will you email me liz and jill's email and then i can add them to the blog. for some reason my gmail was sending your emails to spam (maybe i clicked something?) so i didn't get ANY Of your emails until tonight. I'm SO SORRY! I owe you a babysitting job! anyway.... get me those emails please. :) list looks great!!!

  3. Um... is that GI JILL? Wow, that's awesome. I am a huge fan. Only because my nieces talk so highly of her. They told me a story of how she was asked what disney princess she would be and she said Dorey, because her motto is "just keep swimming" I have loved that ever since. Welcome Jill, I can't wait to meet you. Wish I could come for the 6 miler, have fun girls, see you in June :)