Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have Issues

My running is sucking, royally. When I do run I give-in to the treadmill. At times the thought of getting pregnant to have a real excuse when I suck during the race (other than I just plain suck) has crossed my mind. I need help. I really want to do this, I won't back out. I'd rather walk the whole thing than quit. Any suggestions?


The weakling

P.S. I'm really not going to have a baby just for an excuse. It was a desperate thought. And I know pregnancy and babies are serious things, not to be joked with. Please don't be offended.


  1. haha. soooo understand you, girl. we thought we were pregnant in january which is silly cause i can't get pregnant... but for about 4 days i thought "oh whew, i won't have to train for all my races." hahahahahaha. :)

    really, Diana, we are alllll slow. I think the average time is like 10 mm. So, seriously, don't sweat it. If you need to walk, great walk! None of us are in this to win it. We just want to prove to ourselves we can do it. So please don't jump ship, just do the best you can and we'll all have a fabulous time!!

  2. Sounds like you need a friend to run with. It helps so much to have someone there with you providing conversation and something other than the run to think about. I have made some of my dearest friends through running. Random people that I hardly know have become my best friends because I worked up the courage to ask them if they wanted to be my running partner. Don't get discouraged, we all have horrible days. Personally I think the treadmill is the culprit. Running on a treadmill is 10 times harder than running outside. I wish I lived closer so I could be your running buddy.

  3. Hang in there girl!!! Running can REALLY suck sometimes. I feel your pain. Hang on and try super hard to not worry about your time. I worry about mine too sometimes, and that just starts to make me crazy. So try and enjoy it and know that some days, are just really bad. It always gets better!!! GOOD LUCK!

  4. Anyone who's run is over a 7 min.mile should be kicked off the team! If we don't win 1st place women's relay, I'm going to be livid. (DRIPPING with sarcasm!!!)
    It's no big deal at all. The main point of this race is the "party"-feel it's going to have..(and the free shirt). No one's going to care if you walk it. BTW, I haven't ran in 4 weeks!!! :)
    Also: the mind is so powerful. In 2 weeks you should post "I feel unstoppable! Things are much better!!!" convince all of us (including yourself) p.s. do you listen to music when you run?

  5. I can just echo what everyone else has said!! None of us are fast and none of us really want to be fast. We just like running and, like Lori said, proving to ourselves we can do it. And the free shirts are awesome. I also agree that a treadmill is harder than running outside. Anyway, just know we all understand and we all know you can do it!!