Friday, March 6, 2009

New Route for March 28th

Hey everyone,
Since Trina has a form of acute tendinitis (the tendon running along the outside of her foot is fraying), the doctor told her she cannot run on trails. So . . . here is another route suggestion for our 6 mile get to know you run on March 28th. It basically goes from my house to 20th street, running along Polk and Fillmore. It is a pretty good mix of hills and flat. It ends on a lovely hill called Baker Dr. :-) We love that whenever we run north from my house we get to end on that particular hill. Here is a link to a USATF map of the route. (I hope it works; I have never actually saved routes on USATF.)
6 Mile Get to Know You Run
Does this sound OK to everyone?
Thanks! It will be a fun time for everyone


  1. looks great. maybe we should take a detour on marilyn drive and look at the pretty houses. oh wait, i guess fillmore has some really pretty houses too, huh? hmmmm i love that ogden has cute houses.

  2. Thanks for working around my foot! Hopefully I will be able to run the trails soon. I am looking forward to the run!

  3. I love looking at the pretty houses too!!

  4. I don't care where we run, as long as those cinnamon rolls are still involved!!! ;)