Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saturday's Run & Some Random Business

Hey Everyone!  We had a great coooold run on Saturday.  The cinnamon rolls were fabulous and the company awesome.  We missed everyone that couldn't be there (which was about 80% of the team..haha).  The 4 of us had a spectactular time, we'd love to do it again.  We're thinking mid-May.  Will that work for everyone?  I'm going to throw up some dates on the sidebar.  Please vote.  

I just got an email from Ragnar having them request our start time. I need everyone to please leave a comment leaving me your 10k pace.  Once all the times are added together then I'll know what our average pace is, they will base our start time on that projected pace.  I need to put in our time request by next week.  Please submit your time by Saturday, if possible.  If you don't I'll guess, but I'd much rather have it be accurate.  

Also, how are we doing on sponsors? Volunteers?  Any leads?  How is everyone's training going? Personally, I need to start running hills a LOT more.  Yes yes I do. 


  1. My 10K time is a 9:00 mm, give or take. :)
    I do have a volunteer. Rachel will volunteer for us. I have not asked anyone to sponsor yet, but I'm having Jared help me brainstorm there.
    And was I supposed to be training? ;)

  2. Hey Lori,
    I run about a 10-11mm. Looks like I might be out there in April. Maybe we could schedule a run together. Hopefully I'll bring good weather with me :)

  3. I don't know my 10k time, how can I figure it on my own? Also I think I would like to be runner 3 if that is okay (that's legs 3, 15, and 27 right?) As for volunteers Keith said he could probably help us out just needs more details like which day, time frame, etc. I didn't know anything. And I still don't have any sponsors, but I'll work on that.

  4. Oh and how much $ total are we really shooting for?

  5. Last year my 10k time was just under a 10mm, who knows what it is now.
    I have to say I'm having second thoughts about doing it now, I'm really struggling at the thought of being away from my baby for that long. When do you need to know for sure by?

    Sharlynn his name is Gavin and he was born March 9th. You can see pictures of him here:

  6. Diana E, well the overall registration cost was $985. If we could get that then we'd all get our money back. OR we could take a few hundred, get shirts and pay for gas and still get a good chunk of our registration fee back in our pocket.

    we can get as MUCH as we want, but it would be awesome if we could get the registration fee covered. Sharlynn, does Jill have any hook-ups being Miss Utah? Could they do a media beat on it or something? Follow her training and sponsor our van or something? just a thought.

    Heidi, it's totally understandable and fine if you want to stay with your baby. Amanda has a replacement lined up for our van if you can't do it. We'll need to know for sure by the first week of May or we'll have to pay $25 a runner to change our roster. No pressure either way, your kids come first, for sure. Wasatch Back will be here next here so don't feel pressure to run it if you think it'd be best to stay with Gavin.

    Diana C, yay! let me know when you're giong to be here in April, maybe a bunch of us can meet up with you for a saturday run.

  7. Hi Lori--
    My 10K race pace would probably be around 10mm. I've never run a 10K race honestly. My half marathon time was 9mm, but I normally don't run that fast, so I would be safe and say 10.

    I am glad we are going to run together again in May!! I will not be getting sick that day, I promise. And, anytime you want to run hills, you just give me a call! :-) You know we have a good relationship. We can run up and down Baker Dr. again and again and again. :-)

    The sponsor I had fell through, and I am not quite sure what to do about finding another one, but I'm still thinking.

  8. My pace is a 10-11 minute mile. I am still working on sponsors, this is a tough time to get people to sponsor, but I will keep trying!

    And Lori, hills, lots and lots of hills.....a very happy thought! Kristin drags me up lots of them- come with us sometime...super fun!